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An independent company working directly for the farmer. Stray Voltage Testing, LLC has been in business for twenty two years and has conducted on-farm testing for over 2300 dairy farms throughout   New York   New England   Pennsylvania   Ohio   Indiana   Maryland   and   Michigan.


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Serving the Dairy Industry since 1985...

Electronic Grounding System

Numerous studies have shown that dairy cows exposed to stray voltages may exhibit many undesirable effects, such as reduced milk production and quality, uneven milkout, increased mastitis, and breeding problems.

Stray voltage is often caused by neutral currents from farm electrical loads, starting currents from motors and pumps, and primary currents from the power company neutral.

The Electronic Grounding System (EGS) is the total solution to your stray voltage problems.

It reduces stray voltage and protects against it in the future.  If stray voltage does appear to be affecting your herd, the EGS assures it never will.


The patented EGS is the only proven system guaranteed to reduce stray voltage on the farm's secondary neutral to between 1/25 and 1/200 of its original intensity.

EGS corrects both steady or constant stray voltage and irregular and intermittent stray voltage produced when motors start.  It protects from voltage both on and off the farm. 

It can be installed without disrupting normal farm operations and it is reliable. 

Unlike insolators or saturating reactors, installation does not require severing the bond between the farm's neutral and the utility's neutral and therefore maintains the inherent safety of the multi-grounded neutral system. 

In fact, it actually enhances the entire interconnected grounded neutral system.  And, it is equipped with self monitoring devices. 

In the event the EGS detects excessive voltage on the secondary neutral, visual and audible alarms will activate. 

The cause of the problems (e.g.. faulty farm equipment) can then be identified and corrected before voltage causes harm to humans and animals.