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An independent company working directly for the farmer. Stray Voltage Testing, LLC has been in business for twenty two years and has conducted on-farm testing for over 2300 dairy farms throughout   New York   New England   Pennsylvania   Ohio   Indiana   Maryland   and   Michigan.


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Stray Voltage Symptoms


Some of the symptoms listed below can also be caused by other causes. Make sure you have the following checked to assure they are not causing a problem:

Have a milking equipment dealer check out your milking system, vacuum and pulsation.

Have your forges checked to determine if all sources are in good quality and balanced properly.

Have your water tested to assure there is good quality water and that the cow can get all she wants when she wants some.

If all of the above has been done and your still are having the symptoms listed below - then it is time to have your farm checked for STRAY VOLTAGE.


Uneven, incomplete and/or slow milk-out

Poor milk production

Poor water consumption(licking/slopping water)

Unresponsive mastitis

reluctant to enter the parlor and/or stalls

Poor milking persistence or cows do not peak

Swollen legs or joints

Constantly moving back and forth in stalls

Stepping or
kicking during milking

High somatic cell counts (over 150,000)

High incidence of
veterinary calls

Poor body condition

Breeding problems such as silent heats, abortions/absorptions

Forced cow cull rate of 15% a year

Sores and calluses on teat ends

Heifers and cows have trouble getting up

Stressed animal immune system

Poor calf survival rates (high levels of sickness)

First calf heifers do not perform according to